All Internetians

All that are for the Internet and Human Communities or Network




All internet people song

Internet crush

Distant love

Internet crush yeah

All internetzian people the new force like one people
for the interland that means international nation
If we live it we occupy worlds
one day my wife said very tight
you get them over the internet and you make partying fat
one day the time had come for us to have a party
we get them over the internet and party and the fat

Once upon a time there was a new country known as Interland
the Internetians the people of all Internetians because we can

One day it was time to get my party people
and that voluntarily stops over the Internet worldwide interplanetary

One day it was time to get your friends over the Internet
and that also in the office people that is now going on every day and has been for years
and I want that to continue like this, yes

One day it was time for all internetzians in the fight
they give you integrity the country is called Interland so far
yes, like comrade or people of the Internet people is a label
Let's live it entirely in the digital economy of the modern age

One day the time had come to go to the office and get what is tight
the pretty maid the best man with whom one can work goals
this is the new Interland all Internet users are excited
how is the day's work going on in the international nation country?

half the world on the Internet [Half the world on the Internet]
15% of the world's economic power in trade bold [According to a UN report, 15% of the value added in the world economy is already generated through digital trade.]
the largest websites have more than almost states in terms of turnover [top ten of the websites with the highest turnover]
and so it can go on then
So I swear I'll raise my hand
i am an internet man
like a comrade or member of the people of the Federation
that is how the internet user should be profound
do you ever have need and help with your husband
do you feel suspicious or have you settled down then
you telepathically call all internetworkers man
and the whole world is listening then.

All internetzians
All internetians
True Free and United
True free and united
All internet people

Half the world's population on the Internet
and that will be our worldwide force
instead of nation and abroad bold

All Internetians
All Internetians
All Internetians
Because it's a worldwide dance

marc-vale 2020 / Distant Lover

An offline and online network is required. My offline network is a baker, butcher, restaurant manager, mayor and pastor. To get involved - handicraft exchange or business cards with art possible.

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